home inspection audit report

If you have reached this point in your journey, it is very safe to say you’re anxious and excited, as you are ready to put in an offer in or already have and this is the one thing that stands before you and signing on the dotted line.

Here at Cornerstone Home Inspection Services, LLC, we can only hope that we were a part of this decision. You can be assured that our inspections are non-biased and impartial. Our inspections are based solely on the condition of what we visually recognize on the day of our inspection. 

Within our reports, you will receive a thorough, well-educated opinion, listing: 

  • the roofing system and its condition
  • the ventilation system and its efficiency
  • insulation
  • soffets
  • gutters
  • foundation and its present condition, which will affect the structural components
  • the furnace
  • air conditioning
  • hot water tanks
  • plumbing and its past and present conditions
  • drainage systems
  • the electric panels and writing systems
  • doors and windows
  • interior/exterior walls and conditions of its coverings
  • driveways and grading; deck and patio; and garages, all of which hold future expenses, time, and labor

happy with home inspection team

And this is where your decision to retain Cornerstone’s vast years of well-rounded experience will be your BEST asset and ally. Whether the inspection is for personal knowledge, preparation to list the house, or to support recent or upcoming repairs, the buyers who educated themselves are wise. 

We also provide services for The New Builds and or the New Build Warranty. Maintenance Inspections. Bank Foreclosures. Estates. Lawyer Litigation as well Relocation Companies.

Regardless of the need, you can Depend on Cornerstone to be your eyes and boots on the ground supplying the intelligence!